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LINVEXO is an interactive, digital learning application about invasive plants and animals. Student learn in a short amount of time about the spread and impact of species, but also how to constrain them from doing further harm. The application enables schools to provide information about the damage that can result if no action is taken, and includes varieties such as the  ring-necked parakeet to the multicoloured Asian lady beetle.

Through interactive animations, short info texts, photo’s and videos, you will learn how to recognise invasive species, as well as how they arrived in the region. To test the acquired knowledge, questions are presented to finalise each section.

This visual, education module was developed with the NVWA – the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. In addition biologists, scientists and teachers supported the development. The learning application will be introduced to various Dutch secondary schools.

LINVEXO is an initiative from the NVWA in cooperation with NIOO-KNAW, PWN, iTZiT, Radboud University, NEC-E and Beleef & Weet.

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