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Learning by doing. Set machines in operation, start up and manage installations and directly experience the consequences of your decisions. Virtual simulators are highly effective training tools for industry, construction, science, technology and education.

Since all conditions can be adjusted, they enable a wide range of challenges to the trainee to learn new skills and handle any situation, at any virtual location. And above all: it saves time and money. Our team closely cooperates with your specialists to create engaging and real-life scenarios to motivate learners to earn new skills and competences.


Improves knowledge retention for students & professionals
Interactive, compelling and realistic scenarios & direct feedback
Available for multiple devices & for online learning
Reusable as sales & marketing tool
van der velden marine systems boss


For maritime specialists Van der Velden Marine Systems and Damen Marine Components iTZiT developed a full range simulator for coursekeeping and manoeuvring, as well as special functions like stationkeeping and bollard pull. Different ships can be selected, such as inland, container- and offshore vessels.

Based on actual marine research data users can compare different configurations and see, for instance, fuel savings and performance by varying  weather conditions. With 3D and touch capabilities it enables viewers to explore all details in 360 degrees. This simulator will form the foundation for a wide range of usages: from sales, marketing to product training.


To explain the operation of a pilot installation for water treatment in the United Kingdom, iTZiT developed an interactive, virtual pilot version based on the technical design by PWN Technologies.

User are able to turn flows on and off, open installations and watch videos or animations that provide additional information.

The application is used by South West Water, which provides 1,6 million inhabitants of South-West English with clean drinking water.


For the Delft University of Technology we develop several virtual science labs. Regardless of their location in the world, students can now conduct the same training same as fellow students who visit the physical laboratory in the Netherlands. Academic as well as practical competences are learnt. The test results are also available for teachers.

Instead of 300 students per year, the number of participants is now unlimited. Instead of demo setups, students are trained with exact digital replicas that are used by private and public water utility companies. The labs are used in Delft University’s Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), offered on an online learning environment with millions of users.

Jan-Paul Staalduinen, Delft University of Technology – Project Manager Research & Virtual Labs:We believe this is the way to provide laboratory courses for large numbers of students who are spread all over the world. In addition, we are very impressed with the way iTZiT realized this.

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