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3d installaties

To explain the technical features and exact operation of industrial installations, 3D visualizations can provide a valuable asset. Its interactive features enable you to present your design and functionalities from full view to the smallest detail.

Fade out exterior walls to provide a unique perspective on your technology. Doors will open on approach, and installations automatically start once a viewer nears its location. All in realtime 3D with virtual tours, process flows, video, research data and specs.


Unique way of presentation in tender process
Ideal for trade shows and sales pitches
Visualization of KPIs for maintenance and asset management
Providing basic training and maintenance courses


360 degrees photo’s, video, audio and infographics
Location-based information & animations
Live switch for different languages & target groups
Based on AutoCAD models or from scratch
Suitable for tablet, smartphone, laptop and desktop
Expandable with virtual reality tours and real-time data
3D Technology © ITZiT
3D Technology © ITZiT
3D Technology © ITZiT
3D Technology © ITZiT
3D Technology © ITZiT

An entire water treatment plant in 3D. From intake to the tap of more than 1 million households. Right at the shore of Western Europe’s largest lake, PWN and PWN Technologies constructed Andijk III. A unique installation that has considered a game changer in the worldwide water industry. And not without reason.

Andijk III combines technologies such as ion exchange, ceramic filtration and UV light to ensure top quality water and minimal impact on the environment.

iTZiT created an interactive version of the entire process and installations. Where the innovations can be seen in full operation.

The Andijk application is available on laptop for maintenance, but simultaneously used for sales and marketing objectives. For instance at ACE15 in Anaheim USA and at the Singapore International Water Week.

We installed a special information kiosk for visitors within the plant itself, and developed a derivative, online version for website usage.

interactieve 3d installatie water
interactieve 3d installatie water
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