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The iTZiT 3D Experience gives your target groups a complete virtual tour with panoramic views and sound. From helicopter flights to close-up encounters with micro-organisms.

For each viewer the experience provides the feeling to be right in the middle of it: they stroll through buildings, start up installations, and learn about your work and expertise into the finest detail.

This in-house developed application combines serious gaming, interaction, multiple screens and advanced 3D display technology. The Experience is showcased around the world at conventions and conferences. But can also be found within  industrial plants or in corporate and public areas to inform visitors. This is something everyone will remember.

All content is custom-designed to fit your product and brand.

iTZiT 3D Experience
Debbie Middendorp
Director Global Marketing and Communication at PWN Technologies:

“iTZiT created a completely new way to brand ourselves by using the latest 3D technology. The Experience attracted a huge amount of visitors to our booth, allowing them to actually see our technologies. A great opener for further contact and sales. I strongly believe that this type of innovative branding can differentiate us from other companies.”

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