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Video invitations

To gain maximum attention for your event, video invitations can be of great value. Inform your target audience on the date, themes and speakers they can expect. This is a visual and attractive way to motivate everyone for registration.

Multimedia presentations

Thankfully, the time of boring powerpoints has long past. Participants expect experience. With short videos, topics become concrete and lively. For a powerful start of your event, as info-items in keynote presentations or to initiate active discussion.


We enhance the charisma of events with vital and dynamic designs. Visuals that provide a clear ‘look & feel’ and a recognisable brand. From visual introductions for speakers, logo animations to backgrounds that merge different presentations into an integrated experience. An investment that is highly reusable and recognizable for subsequent years.

Event Reports

Share with participants a lasting memory of your event’s highlights. Our video team combines compelling impressions with short quotes from participants and keynote guests. What have they learnt?

Video event reports are viewed not only by interest, but also out of curiosity. Am I in it? Making it a strong tool to stay in touch with your audience after the event. It is reusable for next years’ video invitations, and quotes can be an asset for testimonials on your website.

Digital programs

With our digital program guides, participants carry your event’s information with them. Locations, times and background information on speakers and themes. Including twitter feeds, videos and galleries.

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