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Games offer a broad range of new opportunities to share your information in a way which corresponds with today’s lifestyle. For all ages and generations. Learning by seeing, doing and making choices stimulates more involvement, motivation, and transfer of knowledge. And, by playing educational games, your information is also remembered longer and better.

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Who is traveling with us?

For visitors of the SummerLabb, part of the Rotterdam World Port Days, we created a game. In this game you can learn the influence exotic animals and plants might have on the Dutch ecosystem. Thousands of people visited the SummerLabb and played and learned at the same time.
Every year a wide variety of plants and animals from other parts of the world travel along with ships, containers and people, with The Netherlands as final destination. Some of these exotic species will cause harm to our ecosystem. Others might have a positive impact. With this game, researchers from the Netherlands Institute of Ecology are able to share scientific knowledge to everyone, in an easy and accessible way. The game was later further developed in a richer, new version: Exotengame 2.
exoten game havendagen
exoten game havendagen
exoten game console
exoten game

Learning by playing and helping science at the same time. That is possible with Climate Pursuit, an evolution game where everyone learns about the effects of climate change on populations of birds and animals. Read more >


Six million people visit the National Parks in the Dutch dunes every year: the territory of the European Bison. For the vistor centre, we developed a knowledge application about the animal and its unique features.  Read more >

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