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Andijk III – Final Design

To inform stakeholder groups, such as investors, government and residents of nearby towns on a large-scale construction project for a new  water treatment plant, our client decided to visualize its final design in all detail. This enabled people to actually see what was going to happen, and why it was needed, instead of having to read extensive documentation in writing.

Andijk III – Construction Highlights

The final design film (on the left) helped to inform and convince stakeholders to give approval. And when the actual construction started, we recorded the highlights of its realization. Two years of construction in two minutes. From the first foundation to full-scale operation. A tribute to an impressive task of water engineering.

A living lab

To tackle the challenges of providing top-level university education, Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam have joined forces. Together, the universities create a world-class platform for research, innovation and training, the Centre for Education and Learning. A true living lab.

Institute of Ecology

Scientists at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology perform ecological research on individual organisms, populations, ecological communities and ecosystems. iTZiT produced a corporate movie for this national research facility that is part of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences.


In Poland, we were at Sharp to film the production line of televisions for the Wecycle corporate movie. Nearby the historical city of Torun a large scale facility is located the newest Aquos TV line is assembled. With eye for detail, colour and quality. And all raw materials that are used for production, can after the television’s lifecycle be recycled.


EXIN is a international institute for certification of IT professionals. Active in 125 countries and its exams are available 21 languages. For it’s 30-year anniversary we created a video trailer to highlight the milestones of the world’s main technological achievements of the past decades and main historical events. Time flies, so fasten your seatbelt …

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