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Learning by playing and helping science at the same time. That is possible with Climate Pursuit, an evolution game where everyone learns about the effects of climate change on populations of birds and animals. Can you survive 100 years? Test your skills as great tit, rat or dandelion!

We developed this game together with ecology researchers of NIOO-KNAW, an institute of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences. It is funded by the The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.

The game can be played online and is used by schools. The results of the players’ choices and actions are assembled, and provide valuable input to improve scientific models on evolution. So everyone wins!

Currently there is a Dutch version available. We are acquiring funds to make an English translation as well.

Hundred years of climate change can have profound effects on the environment. In the landscape of Climate Pursuit this is clearly visible. To stand a chance to survive, you can either evolve to get new, favourable traits or colonise cooler places.

The three species all three have their own characteristics, and their own response to cities popping up in your landscape. Will you manage to survive hundred years of increasing temperatures?

password: Klimaat2016
The game is currently available in Dutch on Windows computers & laptops

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