We build and manage professional, responsive websites and applications for tablets and smartphones. As Apple, Android, Windows and open platform developers, we assist clients in their online presence on all devices. Are you considering to develop a site or app? Contact us to explore all possibilities.

Responsive Websites

Everything under one roof. That’s why we develop online websites for corporate profiling. Beautiful in design and easy to maintain. And fully responsive so that all users, from mobile to desktop, quickly can access relevant information. Including agendas, product overviews and news updates.

Responsive websites © iTZiT

Online Magazines

Easy to read and attractively designed publication for smartphones, tablets and desktops. Such as annual reports, client magazines, event report or product brochures.

This provides your audience an accessible way to learn about your expertise and activities. With short interviews and articles, as well as videos, photo galleries and various interactive features. For example: this latest Water Magazine.

Online magazines © iTZiT

Layar Videos

Layar was the world’s first augmented reality browser and has reached over a million users. We made layar videos that automatically appear when someone hold his or her smartphone above a magazine photo.

Static pictures change into interactive videos for interested users. A smart application to gain extra attention for your products and service.

itzit bouwt apps voor diverse platformen en devices.


For congresses and events, we developed an E-Program app. A visual web application that supplies users with current information about the programme and locations, as well as background information on topics and keynote speakers. Including interactive maps and a live twitter feed.