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Virtual Labs

For the Delft University of Technology we developed several virtual science labs. These labs enable students, regardless of their location in the world, to conduct the same training same as fellow students who visit the physical laboratory iof in the…

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Playing for science

Learning by playing and helping science at the same time. That is possible with Climate Pursuit, an evolution game where everyone learns about the effects of climate change on populations of birds and animals. Can you survive 100 years? Test…

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Centre for Education and Learning

The Centre for Education and Learning is a multidisciplinary initiative of the Delft University of Technology, the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Leiden University in The Netherlands. These academic institutions join force to examine new methods for future teaching and learning. iTZiT realized…

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World Port Days

For SummerLabb, a science event at the Rotterdam World Port Days, we designed a game to inform visitors on the impact exotic species may have on the Dutch ecosystem. Thousands of people played this game for fun, while learning at the same time. Annually, an immense…

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Science Weekend

During the Dutch Science Weekend thousands of visitors -young and old- came to the Netherlands Institute for Ecology in Wageningen. Together with scientists they discover the peculiarity of our nature. By sight, smell, and above all: doing. What can we…

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