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Oculus tour

This week PWN Technologies visited us for a virtual tour through their own water treatment plant. The Oculus Rift enables 360 degree views and the joystick allows to freely explore the entire complex.

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The Learning Stone

Industrial furnaces for petrochemical, (bio)energy or waste installations must withstand enormous temperatures. But currently know-how of the exact chemical processes that occur when the furnace is in full operation is limited, as well as the effects of extreme heat on the interior bricks and isolation.…

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Precious Metals

We visited Umicore in Belgium. This multinational refinery recycles electronic waste, such as household electronics, cell phones and televisions. This e-waste contains bits of precious metals like silver, copper, platinum and even gold: 1% of the world's total gold production. With…

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Greenhouse Systems

Animation of mechanical greenhouse sun and air screen system, essential to create ideal climate conditions for better profitability. Created for a wholesale supplier that designs and manufactures screen installations and ventilation systems for the international horticulture sector.

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