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After an intensive preparation process, iTZiT has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for the production of videos, animations, interactive 3D applications, websites and online magazines. This makes iTZiT one of the few creative companies in the Benelux with this ISO certification.

“The ISO 9001 certification is a milestone in the rapid development of our wonderful company”, says Pieter Spohr, CEO of iTZiT. “It is key to the streamlining of our processes and our business practices. Furthermore, it is an important signal to our customers and business partners about the quality we deliver.”

A clear view
The main reason for iTZiT to pursue ISO certification, is the growing number of large-scale international projects, often in collaboration with partners in multiple countries. “This increased the need for assurance of our processes,” mentions Emiel Kok, CTO of iTZiT.

“The certification process was challenging, but also fun and educational. For us, it is not even about having that nice certificate on the wall. It is about getting a clearer view on the way we work, down to the smallest details. It also helps us identify opportunities to keep improving our business practices and continue to be an innovation leader in the market.”

iTZiT is ISO 9901 gecertificeerd
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