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To show the unique opportunities of a new residential area, iTZiT developed an interactive version of an entire neighborhood. Users can visit individual houses, see and change floorplans and calculate the total costs for their preferred home. The area is undergoing a complete transformation and existing buildings are demolished for the upgrade. Since the current state can scare off potential buyers, the application helps to show the full potential of this community. For example, it highlights where nearby shops will arise, and even a virtual stroll through the new park is possible.

iTZiT provides a glimpse into the future. We wanted to show potential buyers the full potential of a residential area that is undergoing a complete transformation, by giving them the opportunity to explore the layout of the houses, the position of the sun, and all nearby facilities in the neighbourhood. iTZiT understood our ambition and enabled interested parties to get a virtual-realistic impression with their 3D application.

Christiaan van der Hulst, General Manager, Van ‘t Hof Real Estate

This interactive visualization was developed by iTZiT in close cooperation with the site construction company. Real estate agents use it as marketing and sales tool.

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