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Research has shown that visual content is by far more preferred to effectively transfer knowledge than written information. And not without a reason: the human brain is able to process it up to 60,000 times faster than text.

Films not only provide a compelling way to share your company’s abilities at meetings and presentations, but it also has impact on your website engagement. Visitors remain longer, and videos are shared in abundance. Up to 12 times more than written articles.

Since 2006, iTZiT produced over 1,000 films and animations that support clients in expressing their capabilities, products and services across the globe. Our professional film crew helps to realize quality and tailor-made productions to ensure maximum brand exposure and distinction.



A company film is a transparent way to share expertise and gain interest. Display your value visually, in only a few minutes.


Educational videos are effective to spread your message while motivating people to take action, or at least: to think about it.


Allows viewers to see the initiatives that you embrace. And, for the project itself, it is a valuable asset to profile their cause.


Voor de productie van TV en internet commercials werken we samen met Fritz Kok, art director op het gebied van fashion, film en fotografie.


Multimedia productions for successful events. From invitation videos to wide screen presentations and visuals.
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