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Goede Doelen
Goede Doelen
Goede Doelen
Goede Doelen
Goede Doelen
Goede Doelen


It is estimated that there are  12 million street kids in Africa and well over 250,000 in South Africa. Volunteer projects are key to improve the quality of life for these children.

The Jikeleza Project works with kids in the communities of Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg in Hout Bay, South Africa to empower them and turn young lives around through dance and music.

To support this wonderful initiative, iTZiT made a documentary that the volunteers use to share their story, and gain financial support. With, amongst others, U.S. hiphop legend Toni Blackman.

Lavender Hill

In Lavender Hill rivalling drugs gangs dominate the area. Hillwood school is located right in the middle of the conflict. Many children were murdered on school grounds.

But this reality has not stopped headmaster Rachel Claessen to remain committed to give the her young students a chance for a better future.

Steelband Project

In the heart of Capetown, we spoke to David Wickham. He learns youngers to play the steel drum. The same set of instruments is used for 20 bands throughout the entire Western Cape region.

The majority of these children faced problems at home with poverty, drugs, abuse and violence. They ran away from home, and many were living on the streets. In the shelter, they are given food, a safe place to sleep, and an education. By joining the band, they receive applause and appreciation, essential to regain self confidence.

Lost Children

In this international iTZiT documentary, we meet Jonathan. Unaccepted by his own family because he has Down Syndrome. Alone, he and his…

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Houtbay Music Project

These boys have dreams. And rightfully so: they are extraordinarily talented. They play Pachelbel to Bach with ease, but their hearts…

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