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Greenhouse Systems

Animation of mechanical greenhouse sun and air screen system, essential to create ideal climate conditions for better profitability. Created for Alumat Zeeman, wholesale supplier that designs and manufactures greenhouse parts, screen installations and vent opening systems for the international horticulture sector.

Water Treatment Plant

South West Water is to replace its existing water treatment in Plymouth with a ultramodern drinking water treatment for the entire region. As initial step, demonstration plant with a capacity of 150,000 litres a day was setup. iTZiT realized a explanatory animation, as well as an interactive version for operator training.

Antarctica Krill

Due to large scale Antarctic fishing, the entire marine ecosystem is at risk. Monster trailers have set their targets on krill: a small, shrimp-like animal which is an important food source for fish, seabirds and marine animals,, including whales, seals, albatrosses and pinguins.

Krill is being used as fish-bait, but also for the production of fish oil tablets. Without realizing it, many people consuming food whales are depending on. Greenpeace started an international online campaign to increase public awareness.

The Learning Stone

Industrial furnaces for petrochemical, (bio)energy or waste installations must withstand enormous temperatures. But currently know-how of the exact chemical processes that occur when the furnace is in full operation is limited, as well as the effects of extreme heat on the interior bricks and isolation.

The research project ‘The Learning Stone’ is intended to find innovative solutions by developing an intelligent, fire-resistant brick with sensor technology and integrated chips. Solutions that can benefit the entire sector to optimize asset performance and management. iTZiT created an animation to visualize the overall project ambition.

Dandelion DNA

Can Dandelions transfer life experiences to their children? The answer is yes! Biologist Thomas van Gurp does conduct research on the DNA of this extraordinary plant at the The Netherlands Institution for Ecology.

Dandelions have no ‘fathers’. And yet, they can adapt to their environmental factors thanks to the DNA of their mothers. How does it work?  As featured guest on one of Hollands’ most popular television shows Thomas van Gurp reveals the dandelions secrets. iTZiT created the supporting animation for this TV broadcast.

Brain donation

NHB-Psy is a program of the Netherlands Brain Bank to establish a resource of brain tissue for global research on psychiatric disorders. With a major objective: to find new treatment solutions that can help millions of people in future generations.

A unique donor program was initiated to inform the general public of the value of post-mortem donation. iTZiT produced an accessible animation to explain how it works.

Recycling Fridge

Animation for elementary school students to explain the basic process and recovery of materials by recycling large household appliances.

Singapore Demoplant

Overview of construction water installation plant, Singapore.

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